Microbial Fermentation

Microbial bioprocesses play a key role in a broad variety of research areas such as synthetic biology and biopharma.

One of the key process parameters for any microbial bioprocess is biomass. In the past, biomass data was generated manually by investing hands-on-time to generate offline OD measurements.

With Our Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ) and CGQ BioR technology, we have revolutionized biomass monitoring. Our sensor-based technology offers highly parallelized, non-invasive online monitoring of biomass in shake flasks, bioreactors and other cultivation vessels such as serum bottles. Simply attach our sensors to your cultivation vessel and generate detailed growth profiles of your organisms in real time.

Various leading research organizations and companies have used the CGQ and CGQ BioR for research and publications and are happy users of our technologies. For a more detailed overview, check out our Publications and Customer Success Stories!

But we do not stop at delivering insights. We want you to be able to control your bioprocesses. This is why we developed the Liquid Injection System (LIS), the first easy-to-use technology for automated feeding of liquids in shake flasks. Fill the single use sterile cartridge with up to 25mL of any type of liquid, define your feeding profile and install the cartridge and drive on the flask. LIS will now run your chosen feeding profile and help you unlock completely new experimental possibilities in shake flasks.

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