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Relevant Questions, Relevant Answers

New Technologies For Better Cell-Based Science



In a well-controlled experiment, there is one dependent variable to observe and a variety of independent variables to control. With the right technologies, we can do this with cells in vitro.

Join us for our webinar series on technologies that reduce artifact, increase reproducibility and increase translatability of in virtro findings for a world that is looking to cell-based science for the right answers right now.

In Partnership With

Cancer Research

Hosted by PHI

Host: Lisa Bodily (PHI Applications Specialist)

Speakers: Kersti Alm (PhD), Jake Boy, Alicia D. Henn (PhD)

Stem Cell Research

Hosted by BioSpherix

Host: Alicia D. Henn (PhD)

Speakers: Alicia D. Henn (PhD), Kersti Alm (PhD), Jake Boy

In Vitro Drug Development

Hosted by Scientific Bioprocessing

Host: Sandy Williams (PhD)

Speakers: Jake Boy, Alicia D. Henn (PhD), Kersti Alm (PhD)




BioSpherix, Ltd. designs and builds Cytocentric equipment for academic research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories around the world. Our equipment uniquely supports the needs of cells for constant physiologic conditions,increasing reproducibility for cell-based sciences and therapies.



Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) provides a noninvasive tool that lets you continuously image and quantitatively analyze both single and populations of cells directly inside your incubator without any labels or stains



Jake Boy
Senior Applications Scientist
Jake is dedicated to improving the science surrounding cell culture and relating the world of the scientist to the world of engineers and product designers. Jake earned his B.A. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and has a professional background in research labs, genetics, and cell culturing.
Jake Boy


Dr. Kersti Alm
Head of Biology
Kersti Alm, PhD is the Head of Biology at PHI AB with almost 15 years of hands-on experience with the HoloMonitor live cell imager. She is dedicated to finding ways to extract relevant data from cells without the artifacts caused by the traditional ways of handling cultured cells. She enjoys focusing her 25+ years of extensive cell culturing experience on contributing to the development of a cell analysis instrument that will not affect living cells.She happily supported the work of two PhD students at PHI and drives projects with researchers all over the world. On a personal note, Kersti enjoys family, friends and – as of this summer – welding.
Kersti Alm


Dr. Alicia D. Henn
Chief Scientific Officer
Alicia D. Henn PhD MBA is Chief Scientific Officer for BioSpherix, Ltd. Previously, Dr. Henn was a researcher in the Center for Biodefense Immune Modeling at the University of Rochester and at Vaccinex, LLC. At BioSpherix, Dr. Henn has crafted the company’s first scientific program, collaborating with scientists world-wide to advance cellbased therapies and research. Dr. Henn also established a comprehensive training program for customers adopting Cytocentric Systems. Dr. Henn owns the In Vitro Reproducibility group on LinkedIn. She also writes the Cytocentric Blog, promoting clonable, aseptic and physiologically relevant cell production environments for better scientific reproducibility and translatability.
Dr. Alicia D. Henn