Scientific Bioprocessing Virtual Conference


Latest Advances 2021 Conference



SBI, in association with SelectBIO, has brought together world leaders in academia and industry to discuss the broader field of cell culture.


  • 3D Culture to Organoid to Organoid-on-a-Chip Continuum
  • 2D Organoid Models for Disease
  • Cell Therapies Manufacturing Latest Sending Technologies and so much more…
Keynote Speakers
Doris A. Taylor
Innovator and Entrepreneur, RegenMedix Technologies & RegenMedix Consulting, LL.C, Ph.D., Hon D.Sc., FAHA, FACC, FESC, Sr Member NAI
Dr. Taylor is a dynamic innovator, scientist and entrepreneur and a global thought leader in regenerative medicine. She has published over 180 papers, holds over 30 patents, and is the founder of multiple companies. She has trained hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate fellows worldwide in her laboratories in the U.S. and Europe. Although she has held academic positions for over 20 years, she recently founded RegenMedix Consulting LLC to enable academic and commercial enterprises in the regenerative medicine space.
Organ Engineering in 2020 and Beyond: Overcoming Technical Hurdles
Ohad Karnieli
Founder & CEO, ADVA Biotechnology
A well-known international expert in cell therapy with extensive knowledge of the industry. Dr Karnieli is the founder and President of Atvio Biotech, a leading Innovation center for cell and gene therapy. Former VP of Technology & Manufacturing at Pluristem Therapeutics, and the former VP medical device at Goji solutions. Dr Karnieli served as the chair of several industry committees such as the process & product development committee of the International Society for Cellular Therapies, expert member in the ISO TC276 Biotechnology standard committee and the former chair of the science and technology committee of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. Furthermore, Dr Karnieli serves as an advisor and board member to several of the lead cell therapy developing companies. Dr Karnieli earned his PhD on Cell and Gene Therapy in the Sackler School of Medicine of the Tel Aviv University. Furthermore, he holds an MBA from the Haifa University business management school.
Revolutionizing Personalized Cell Therapy By Technology, From Centralized To The Point-of-care
Govind Rao
Director, Center for Advanced Sensor Technology and Professor, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, UMBC, Baltimore
Govind Rao is Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering and Director of the Center for Advanced Sensor Technology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. His Ph.D. degree was from Drexel University in Chemical Engineering. He has been a faculty member at UMBC since 1987.
Trip the Light Fantastic: A Prospective Retrospective on Bioprocess Monitoring
Jake Boy
The Five Heresies of Cell Culture

Dhinakar Kompala

Measuring pH and DO Inside a BioSettler Used as a Cell Retention Device for Perfusion Bioreactor Cultures
Thomas Shupe
Standardized Technologies for Automated Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Clinical Manufacturing
Shiny Rajan
Rapidly Prototyped Human Lung-on-a-chip For Disease And Toxicity Modeling And Countermeasure
Derek Toms
Deconstructing the In Vitro Oxygen Environment
Pawel Swietach
Metabolism, Buffers, and Feedbacks: What Sets the pH of Culture Media?
Alicia Henn
The Elephant in the Room Air: Reproducibility
Terry Riss
A Biologist’s Questions About Oxygen and 3D Culture Models
Mrignayani Kotecha
Introducing 4D Oxygen Imaging for 3D Culture Assessment


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