Sudhin Biopharma

Sudhin Biopharma



Sudhin Biopharma Co. is a biotechnology company developing efficient continuous biological manufacturing processes for therapeutic biologicals, stem cell cultures, exosomes, and viral vaccines. The company has developed single-use disposable BioSettlers as selective cell retention devices, for all increasing cell density and viability in continuous perfusion bioreactors, for all harvesting clarified supernatant from intensified fed-batch cultures, for all concentrating/washing/harvesting stem cell aggregates or organoids (e.g., beta cell islets) during media exchange protocols, for all harvesting exosomes, and viral vaccines, etc.

Sudhin Biopharma’s BioSettler technology can be attached modularly to any bioreactor to remove dead cells and cell debris selectively and recycle live and productive cells back to the bioreactor, which therefore achieves high cell density and maintains high viabilities throughout the extended culture duration.  In collaboration with SBI, Sudhin Biopharma Co. is currently incorporating

single-use disposable fluorescent dye sensors for pH and DO to monitor and control these essential cell culture parameters inside the BioSettlers to convert these modular devices into Integrated Settling Bioreactors.