Bioprocessing Products

Biomass, pH, and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors For Cell Culture And Microbial Fermentation and Automated Feeding

Our broad variety of sensor accessories work with your unique culture system: from microbial shake flask cultures and mammalian cell culture bioreactors to tissue culture flasks, organ-on-a-chip devices and perfusion flow loops.


Intelligent and dynamic (ID) products provide real-time and online pH and DO monitoring with miniaturized single use sensors.

Bioprocessing Products

Biomass Monitoring

Sensors and software for highly parallelized, non-invasive online biomass monitoring
Biomass Monitoring for Shake Flasks
Biomass Monitoring for Bioreactors

Automated Feeding

Actuators and software for programmable feeding of any liquid into shake flasks
Automated Feeding for Shake Flasks

pH & Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

Sensors and software for real time and minimally invasive pH and dissolved oxygen monitoring
pH and DO monitoring in shake flasks, tissue culture flasks and multi-well plates

pH & DO Sensor Enabled Accessories

Select the right accessory for your ID ▪ Fiber Optic Kit or reorder sensors and accessories

pH & DO Monitoring of Perfusion Flow Loops with your ID·Fiber Optic Kit