Liquid Injection System (LIS)

The LIS is the first technology allowing for automatic, parallelized feeding of liquids in shake flasks.


Open a whole new world of bioprocess development when you use LIS to perform automatic feeding in shake flasks. Simply assemble the components, define the experiment parameters, fill the cartridge with the feeding liquid, and start feeding. The user-friendly software allows you to control and monitor your feeding experiments wirelessly. 

  • Automated feeding of liquids into shake flask cultures
  • Flexible feeding rates: From 100ul droplets to 1 ml/min continuous feeding
  • Control and monitor your feeding experiments wirelessly with the LIS software
  • Introduce bioreactor-like feeding and control options to your shake flask
  • For a broad variety of applications (e.g. Fed-Batch, pH control or automated inoculation)

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Overall, the LIS system is easy to assemble, reduced manual work significantly, and allowed us to test multiple feeding profiles, including linear and exponential feeding.”

-Prof. Dr. -Ing. Frank Eiden (Westphalian University of Applied Science)
"LIS- and CGQ-system turns nights and weekends into productive times for the preparation of optimal inocula and for the first time leverages the early stages of culture expansion to a level of bioprocess monitoring and control that has until today only been accessible in later stage stirred tank bioreactors.”

-FermFactory (RWTH Aachen University)

How it Works

Automation enables the use of complex feeding schedules

In order to dispense a defined amount of liquid from the cartridge, the drive pumps air through a sterile filter into the cartridge according to the feeding profile. 

After the dispense step, the drive rebuilds negative pressure to keep the remaining liquid in the cartridge.

Hardware & Software Components

LIS Drive

The drive is a programmable miniature pump that controls when and how much liquid is fed from the cartridge into the flask.

LIS Cartridge

The cartridge is a  pre-sterilized, ready-to-use container that fits on top of the shake flask. It can be filled with up to 25 mL of any type of liquid and acts as a reservoir during the feeding experiment.

LIS Software

The software, when paired with a coordinator, allows you to wirelessly control and monitor your feeding experiments. In the software you can create individual feeding profiles, define essential feeding parameters, and archive experimental data. 


Customer Success Stories

How to optimize bioreactor inoculum in shake flasks?

This application note illustrates the use of LIS in conjunction with the yeast S. cerevisiae to optimize bioreactor inoculum in shake flasks. After a period of preconditioning, the LIS automatically injects different seed biomass concentrations into a shake flask containing fresh YEPD. Cell growth is monitored in real-time to assess the reproducibility of environmental and growth phase conditions.

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