Digitally Simplified
Bioprocessing Has Arrived

We have introduced Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing so you can say goodbye to under-sampled and black box cultures and hello to real-time, non-invasive, automated, and online sensing.

  • Miniaturized Smart Sensors
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Soft Sensors
  • Non-invasive and Real-Time
  • Actionable insights
  • Automation
  • Lab to Production Floor
  • Microbial & Mammalian
  • Product Quality Attributes

We pioneer digitally simplified bioprocessing by providing actionable insights from lab to production floor.

We do this by monitoring and controlling critical process parameters and
product quality attributes online and in real time.


Customer Success Stories

Discover the difference our technology has made for our customers.
Real-time, actionable insights can have a significant impact on your mammalian cell culture or microbial fermentation experiments and biomanufacturing.


"The CGQ provided accurate growth curves with very dense sampling intervals and gave us the opportunity to identify differences in growth behaviors."

- Prof. Dr. Lars Blank (RWTH Aachen)


"The backscatter data we gathered here with the CGQ system clearly shows a match with another growth characterisation parameter, in this case with the oxygen transfer rate (OTR)."

- Frédéric Lapierre (HS München)


"The CGQ BioR system provides precise growth curves with a very dense sampling interval, freeing my team for tasks with higher added value"

- Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hoffman (Technical University Dresden)

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"With the LIS, I was able to recreate typical bioreactor processes, like fed-batch cultivations, in shake flasks."

- Dr. Victor Pozzobon (Chaire de Biotechnologie, CentraleSupélec)

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"The CGQ BioR is well suited for monitoring biomass of cultivations with thermophilic organisms that require high temperatures and long fermentation times."

- Dipl. Ing. Robert Klausser (IBD Group, TU Wien)