All Biomass Monitoring Feeding in Shake Flasks Fluorescence Monitoring Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

Dissolved oxygen measurements of filamentous fungi (A. oryzae) cultures reveal effects of different shaking speeds

The Effect of Filling Volumes in Shake Flasks on Oxygen Supply in E.coli Cultures

High-resolution Growth Curves Monitored With the Cell Growth Quantifier Reveal Toxicity of M-cresol on S. cerevisiae Cells

Real-Time Monitoring of the Photoswitching of DsRed1-E5 Fluorescent Timer: Distinguishing Between Recently Synthesized and Matured Protein

Improved Biomass Monitoring in Bioreactors with the Mycel-forming Fungus Penicillium sp. in Repeated-batch Fermentations

Enhancing S. cerevisiae Cell Growth on Potato Waste: Leveraging the Liquid Injection System (LIS) for Fed-Batch in Shake Flasks to Mitigate Growth Inhibitors

Optimizing Sampling Strategies: Selecting Precise Sampling Times of S. cerevisiae in Octanoic Acid Production with the Cell Growth Quantifier

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