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Biomass, pH, and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors and Automated Feeding for Cell Culture and Microbial Fermentations

Scientific Bioprocessing (sbi) is dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital technologies (such as sensors, actuators, and software) that simplify bioprocessing activities. Say goodbye to under-sampled and black box cultures and hello to real-time, non-invasive, automated, and online sensing. Our solutions feature sensors and software that:
  • Generate high-resolution growth curves in real-time to provide you with actionable insights.
  • Save you hours of manual, hands-on time required for alternative offline approaches.
  • Enable you to use nights or weekends for experiments.

Explore the Sensors & Actuators of the DOTS Platform

Automated, online, non-invasive biomass monitoring in shake flasks.
Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ)

Non-invasive, real-time monitoring of biomass in shake flasks and bottles via backscattered light detection.

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Automated, online, non-invasive biomass monitoring in bioreactors.

Non-invasive and real-time monitoring of biomass in bioreactors via backscattered light detection.

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Automated feeding of liquids into shake flask cultures.
Liquid Injection System (LIS)

Automated and parallelized feeding of liquids in shake flasks.

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Monitor pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) in flow loops on perfusion bioreactors.
Flow Cell

Continuous monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) in flow loops via optical sensors.

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DOTS Software is your tool for easy handling of sensors, actuators, and bioprocess data, offering total control, from calibration to data collection.

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SBI Success Table
"The CGQ provided accurate growth curves with very dense sampling intervals and gave us the opportunity to identify differences in growth behaviors."

- Prof. Dr. Lars Blank (RWTH Aachen)
RWTH Aachen
SBI Success Table
"The backscatter data we gathered here with the CGQ system clearly shows a match with another growth characterisation parameter, in this case with the oxygen transfer rate (OTR)."

- Frédéric Lapierre (HS München)
HS München
SBI Success Table
"The CGQ BioR system provides precise growth curves with a very dense sampling interval, freeing my team for tasks with higher added value"

- Dipl. Ing. Andreas Hoffman (Technical University Dresden)
Technical University Dresden
Kopie von Centrale Supélec Image (6)
"With the LIS, I was able to recreate typical bioreactor processes, like fed-batch cultivations, in shake flasks."

-Dr. Victor Pozzobon (Chaire de Biotechnologie, CentraleSupélec)
2017-05-24 Chaire Biotechnologie CS full_0-1
TU Wien_BioR_thermophile
"The CGQ BioR is well suited for monitoring biomass of cultivations with thermophilic organisms that require high temperatures and long fermentation times."

-Dipl. Ing. Robert Klausser (IBD Group, TU Wien)

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