sbi’s Automated Shake Flask Feeding Solution Solves Once Intractable Bioprocessing Challenge

sbi’s Automated Shake Flask Feeding Solution Solves Once Intractable Bioprocessing Challenge



Automated Feeding In Shakes Flasks & Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing

Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. has developed a new Digitally Simplified Bioprocessing Platform, the DOTS Platform, that is beginning to transform scientific research. 

Digitally simplified bioprocessing occurs when the power of automated, leading-edge sensors, tools, and hardware meet powerful, intuitive software, creating a closed-loop system that can fully leverage the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

sbi’s automation capabilities not only include accurate, highly adaptable sensors and big data analytics, but also extend into solving a once intractable bioprocessing challenge: Feeding in shake flasks.

The Liquid Injection System For Shake Flasks

The company’s new Liquid Injection System (LIS) eliminates the need for manual feeding of shake flasks, thereby reducing human error and increasing a research team’s ability to keep cells in an ideal environment for growth. Manual shake flask feeding has been the predominant method used, creating a host of challenges that contribute to the lack of experiment repeatability plaguing early-stage research. In fact, these obstacles were so insurmountable, that most people just didn’t do any feeding in shake flasks at all. LIS is the first easy-to-use technology for the automated feeding of liquids into a shake flask culture, turning shake flasks into powerful bioreactors.

LIS is a real-time, remotely monitored, and programmable feeding system that keeps a shake flask culture in an ideal state for growth. It is another outstanding sbi product that is designed to optimize bioprocessing efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the success rates of early-stage drug development. LIS is easy to use and is provided with single-use, pre-sterilized cartridges. The system is made up of three components: (1) the LIS Drive; (2) the LIS Cartridge; and (3) and the DOTS Software.

The LIS Drive is a programmable miniature pump that controls when and how much liquid is fed from the cartridge into the flask. Researchers  can control the Drive manually using the wheel on top of the Drive, but for setting up complex feeding profiles and handling several devices in parallel, the Software is needed. The Drive is never in touch with the actual liquid but separated from it by a sterile filter. 

The LIS Cartridge is a single-use container with the shape of a lid for shake flasks. During the experiment, the cartridge stores the liquid that you want to feed into your flask. It fits on all shake flasks that are normally sealed with a metal cap (straight neck shake flasks without a beaded rim and a 38mm neck diameter) and comes sterile packed.

The DOTS Software, together with the LIS Coordinator, allows you to control and monitor your feeding experiments wirelessly. The software enables researchers to create individual feeding profiles, archive experiments, and individualize essential feeding parameters. The Coordinator is a transmitter box that you can connect to your computer via USB. The Software can control the LIS Drives wirelessly through the Coordinator.

Simply fill the Cartridge with up to 25 mL of the feeding liquid, define your feeding profile and install the Cartridge and Drive on the flask. To learn more about how LIS works, please watch the video below:


This fully automated, remotely monitored feeding profile can help research labs unlock completely new experimental possibilities in shake flasks. LIS offers researchers an array of high-level functionality, including:

  • Wireless control and monitoring. Control and monitor your feeding experiments wirelessly with the DOTS Software.
  • Full compatibility with various substances. Sugars (e.g., 50% glucose), alcohols (e.g., 50% methanol), glycerol, acids, bases, inductors (e.g., IPTG), antifoam and more.
  • Individual feeding profile creation. Single/multi-shot and constant/exponential feeding profiles as well as a free profile generator are available.
  • Easy installation and user-friendly. Fill the sterile cartridge, program the LIS drive, and start feeding your culture.
  • Compatibility with a broad range of applications. Fed-batch, promotor induction, pH regulation, phage assays, toxicity tests, and more.

“LIS is a gamechanger,” stated sbi’s President John Moore. “Automating the liquid feeding process and being able to control and adjust conditions in a shake flask is really incredible. LIS makes every shake flask a bioreactor and brings us one step closer to a true closed-loop process.”