SBI Joins The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)

SBI Joins The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)

Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (SBI), a leading developer of sensors and systems for cell culture and bioprocessing, is excited to announce that it has joined NIIMBL.  

NIIMBL, like SBI’s partner organization ARMI, is part of Manufacturing USAⓇ, which is a partner network of federally-funded and sponsored manufacturing innovation institutes. NIIMBL is a leading public-private partnership whose member network includes industry, academia, non-profits, and government agencies, all striving to “accelerate biopharmaceutical innovation, support the development of standards that enable more efficient and rapid manufacturing capabilities, and educate and train a world-leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing workforce, fundamentally advancing U.S. competitiveness in this industry.”

SBI is proud to be a NIIMBL member and looks forward to contributing its technology and expertise to advancing biopharmaceutical innovation.

“We believe that our sensor technology and data measurement and desktop production systems can be strong assets to NIIMBL and its members. Accurate, real-time data monitoring and measurement are critical to biomanufacturing innovation. By providing closed-loop control of critical quality attributes, our sensors make cell culture and bioprocessing more efficient, more effective and less expensive, which will help streamline and accelerate biomanufacturing processes,” stated SBI’s President John Moore.

“At SBI, we believe in NIIMBL’s vision of leading and transforming next generation biomanufacturing technologies that will help deliver life-saving and life-changing products and therapies to patients around the globe. The SBI team looks forward to engaging with the NIIMBL member network to make a real difference in people’s lives and make key technologies accessible to the biotechnology workforce,” he added.

“SBI brings innovative sensor technologies that fit nicely within our technology portfolio, and will bring great value to the NIIMBL member community,” said Ruben Carbonell, NIIMBL Senior Technology Strategist. “We look forward to working with them in the future.”

NIIMBL was founded under the Revitalize American Manufacturing Innovation (RAMI) Act of 2014 and is one of the fourteen Manufacturing USA institutes. NIIMBL officially launched in 2017, and the organization and its approximately 155 members have invested $63M in approximately 71 technology and workforce development projects to date. 

“We’re very excited to participate in NIIMBL activities and share our technology and bioprocessing expertise. We look forward to collaborating with other partners to advance these important initiatives and continue the development of much-needed sensing and cell culture technologies,” stated Sandy Williams, SBI’s Marketing and Product Manager.