ID Flow Through Cell

Interested in knowing pH or DO levels within your perfusion lines?

The ID ∙ Flow Through Cell is designed to connect directly into your flow loop, enabling you to measure pH and DO while your experimental run is active. 


Single-use, disposable, and preloaded with SBI’s ID·Sensors, the ID∙Flow Through Cell is the perfect way to collect reliable, real-time data of your culture conditions anywhere in a perfusion flow loop. Connect the ID∙Flow Through Cell into your flow loop with Luer fittings and insert an ID • Fiber Optic Cable into the housing. Select a single unit if you’re interested in measuring only pH or DO or a dual unit to measure both pH and DO simultaneously.

  • Connects into a flow loop
  • Single use
  • Single units equipped with either ID·Sensor pH or DO
  • Disposable
  • Dual units equipped with both ID·Sensors pH and DO
  • Compatible with low perfusion flow rates


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