Expanded DOTS Platform Revolutionizing Shake Flask Bioprocessing

Expanded DOTS Platform Revolutionizing Shake Flask Bioprocessing

Multiparameter Sensor ("MPS") reader enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple critical parameters biomass or fluorescence and Dissolved Oxygen ("DO") Sensor Pills single-use chemosensors for online dissolved oxygen monitoring in real-time.

BOHEMIA, NY / October 17, 2023 / Scientific Industries, Inc. (OTCQB:SCND), a life sciences tool provider and a developer of digitally simplified bioprocessing products, is proud to announce the launch of the expansion of its DOTS Platform with the new MPS reader and DO Sensor Pills. Building on the success of last year's launch of the DOTS Software as the first product within the DOTS Platform, DOTS now offers an expanded suite of sensors for shake flask bioprocessing, turning the humble shake flask into a smart mini bioreactor.

The MPS together with the DO Sensor Pills, represent a revolutionary new type of chemosensor technology for bioprocessing. The MPS, which is the core of the DOTS Platform, is positioned underneath the shake flask, from where it enables the simultaneous monitoring of multiple critical parameters like biomass or fluorescence. The patented DO Sensor Pills, which are much easier to use than standard probes or sensor spots, are proprietary single-use chemosensors designed to be easily dropped into the culture, where they circulate and interact with the media. The MPS reads out the DO signal, allowing for online dissolved oxygen monitoring in real-time.

"We're redefining the future of shake flask bioprocessing with our enhanced DOTS platform that will fortify our innovative platform as the cornerstone of digitally simplified bioprocessing," stated Daniel Gruenes, President and CEO of sbi. "sbi has a robust development pipeline, positioning us to introduce additional applications on the DOTS Platform and enlarge our state-of-the-art sensor pill portfolio. Our sbi team is working aggressively to address significant needs in bioprocessing to perform complex bioprocess development experiments at significantly lower costs. We believe this can be achieved with our DOTS Platform by providing a real-time solution that improves yields and workflow while turning standard shake flasks into smart mini bioreactors."

John Moore, Chairman of Scientific Industries, emphasized "We are thrilled to bring the DOTS Platform and new sensors to the bioprocessing space. To do so, we have planned an exciting launch campaign in the United States including a shared event alongside Kuhner AG, a leading developer and manufacturer of shaking machines, a technical review by select researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT"), and a showcase at RAFT® 15 - Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology, a renowned conference on advancements in the fermentation industry."

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Scientific Bioprocessing, Inc. (sbi) offers solutions for digitally simplified bioprocessing in the life science industry. sbi’s DOTS platform provides modern bioprocessing sensors (for e.g., biomass, pH, or dissolved oxygen) and actuators, along with an innovative software for easy sensor control and data monitoring. The platform enables customers to optimize their bioprocesses and product yields. sbi is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and is a subsidiary of Scientific Industries Inc. To learn more, visit www.scientificbio.com 

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