sbi is Supporting Partner of the Bioprocessing Days 2023

Bioprocessing possibilities are increasing 

In recent years, digital process development has had a considerable development. Due to the diverse possibilities, both the integration of extensive measurement technology (e.g., in fermenters) and process simulation are established and indispensable tools in the development, design, and optimization of biological-chemical processes.

This development results in a number of requirements for process development. Open interfaces, modularization, and efficient data connections are essential for networking process simulation with other applications. The use of process simulation in higher-level applications have additional requirements, such as higher accuracy, more robust convergence and shorter computing times. 

New solutions for this are foreseeable in the near future, as digitization progresses. They will provide efficient access to comprehensive information, as well as very flexible data-based modeling options. In addition, they will enable the integration of real data into simulations and the completion of physical models with data-driven approaches.

It is therefore essential that partners from biotechnology, process engineering or chemistry come together with users – in order to gain new impulses and thus enable the development of further technology and methodological approaches.

The 6th BioProcessingDays "Digital Bioprocess Development" in Recklinghausen offer an ideal platform for this. The conference presents current developments in the fields of bioprocess development and optimization as well as technology impulses and industrial best practice examples from various industrial sectors.


Objectives of the event

  • Conveying current impulses from the field of applied bioprocess engineering
  • Networking of science and industry
  • Presentation of process-relevant aspects in the context of practical-oriented workshops
  • Presentation of new applications ("from sensor to process intelligence") based on application examples
  • Discussion of possible project approaches

*lectures will be held in German


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